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Joomla Website Packages

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Content management system website packages with Joomla!
Preconfigured for various fields of applications.

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Realisation of an online editing website has never been easier!

Individually composed complex website in three steps:

1 Order


2 Customize


3 Employ

Pick one of the preconfigured website packages of your favored design (over 100 variations) and choose a domain name.


If you wish you can change the placement of the pages and the menu. Load up your text documents and graphics for the building up process done by us.


Lay back and relax. We will build up your personal online editing website during the next days.


Special Offer for
EU-Project Coordinators

Carefree full service and timesaving website packages for your EU-Project.


 Virtual Community for
 EU-Project Participants

Website Packages for

Doctor's Practices
Lawyer's Offices
Project Groups

Domain Names

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  Joomla! in over 60 languages
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